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Putnam v. Scherbring

The Nebraska Defense Counsel Association (NDCA) is pleased to announce the Nebraska Supreme Court's recent decision in Putnam v. Scherbring, 297 Neb. 868 (2017). A copy of the Supreme Court's opinion can be found here.

In the Putnam case, the NDCA submitted its first-ever amicus curiae brief in connection with an appeal to the Nebraska Supreme Court. The Court in Putnam resolved an issue relating to the timing of expert witness disclosures and the admissibility of untimely disclosed expert opinions. The Court in Putnam agreed with the position NDCA advocated in its amicus curiae brief, and ultimately determined the trial court did not abuse its discretion in excluding from trial the late-disclosed expert opinions.

NDCA's amicus curiae brief was written by its Vice President/President-Elect Cathy S. Trent-Vilim of Lamson, Dugan & Murray, L.L.P. The lawyers representing the prevailing party in Putnam were attorneys Mark Laughlin and NDCA-member Jacquie DeLuca of Fraser Stryker PC LLO.DanielLindstromCorr10.09.17,MLaughlinLetter_Amicus.pdf


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